1975 Born in Berlin as child of acrobats

1981 – 90 school

1990 – 94
Professional training at Staatliche Fachschule für Artistik in Berlin

1994 Degree as state qualified artist, branch partner acrobatics

1994 – 96 artiste at various vaudevill stages

1996 – 98 stuntman and actor for tv and stage productions

1988-2003 Drama school after Lee Strasberg Method Acting
Workshops, classes and individual coaching with international teachers and coaches
Actor in film- and stage productions

since 2002 actingcoach and teacher for acrobaticstutor at
different drama schools in charge of own acting class on an advanced level choreographer for artistes

2002 – 05
Lecturer for drama, choreographer and director at Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin und Schule für Artistik

since 2003 director and choreographer for vaudeville shows, stage and event productions

since 2005
Freelance director and choreographer for vaudeville, stage & event productions Freelance acting teacher

since 2008 Creation and direction of animation, visual and multimedia productions