My work involves many elements of the „post-methode-acting“.

Being capable of feeling an following intuitive impulses, reaching total penetrability for real and intensive emotions and hence acting on the highest level of authenticity is the main focus of my work.

I aim for believable and truthful performance – „being“ instead of „pretending to be“. During actingclass I attempt to discover and work on this ability with my pupils. The individual skills are intrinsically tied to the personaltity of the actor.During the whole workingprocess I try to support every pupil individually and build up on his strengths.

Very often we do not act the way we would do without all the pressure we are under due to social expectations as well as believes and rules taught by our families.

As a result fears and blockades keep us from becoming confident and open actors.

It is not surprising that someone who was never allowed to shout will not be capable of enraging and shouting at someone else on stage. Much less will he actually be able to open himslef for his feelings and suffer his own anger and dispair.

I try to cofront my pupils with their own feelings and teach them to bear with themselves in order to be able to open up for the emotions of a character and treat this with honesty.

Moreover, distinctiveness is my highest ambition.

I experienced that many people take the often gloryfied „certain somesthing“ for a gift privided for few only.

Unlike this believe, I remain of the conviction that this can be found in every person and simply needs to be discovered and supported.

Again, one step of high importance is to realise that pressure and fear destroy all creativity and candidness. In most cases a spesific encouragement and positive streghtening can help the pupil to trust in his own ability, become more confident about it and surpass himself.

I primarily offer individualised teaching in order to prapare for auditions and castings.

The one-on-one coaching allowes to concentrate on the individual qualities of the pupil and especially to work on monologues.